How to Identify Fake Samsung, Infinix and iTel Phones

Fake Android phones are all over the market and Many people have been lured and tempted into buying fake android phones (Samsung, Itel, Infinix, Tecno)  because of their cheap prices, but it is also true that the motivating factor behind their mistake is a lack of awareness.

Why are there Fake Android Phones?

The reason for fake Samsung, Infinix and Tecno phones is because Samsung galaxy, Infinix and Tecno phones run on android and android is an open source operating system. The source code of the OS is open to all interested parties under open source licenses.

With this, most phone manufacturers take advantage by creating the counterfeit of popular devices. And these companies are doing well in the art of manipulating consumers into buying their knock-off phones at very low prices.

How to Identify Fake Samsung Galaxy Phones

1. Check Samsung phone IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number.

The IMEI number is a unique number for every smartphone. So it is important that the device IMEI will be similar to the manufacture box IMEI number. In other to check the IMEI Number of your Samsung device, simply dial *#06#.

2. Samsung Code Test

In an original Samsung phone, you will get some software and hardware info by dialing some codes from dial pad. Simply dial the following codes from the dial pad.

*#1234# (View SW Version PDA, CSC, MODEM)

*#0*# (Samsung General Test Mode)

*#12580369# (Device SW & HW Info)

*#197328640# (Service Mode)

*#0228# (ADC Reading)

*#32489# (Ciphering Info)

*#232337# (Bluetooth Address)

*#232331# (Bluetooth Test Mode)

Be smart enough to understand that the device you are holding is likely to be fake if it does not bear these codes on it.

3. Check Samsung Phone Camera

Any original Samsung phone camera  is capable of capturing full regulation clear and Sharp photo. In a fake or clone Samsung phone, camera regulation will be like original but it’s image quality will be dull and poor.


How to Identify a Fake Infinix Smartphone

Infinix has put in measures to checkmate counterfeit Infinix smartphones in the market beginning from the one you are holding.

How Can I Check If my Infinix Smartphone and Battery is  Original or Fake

Before you begin, you need to get your IMEI and VC Number.

For IMEI, dial *#06#

For VC number (check on the battery or phone, it’s usually below the battery)

Steps to check if your Infinix Smartphone is Genuine or Fake

Go to infinix verification tool
Input your IMEI and VC number
Hit the submit button and wait for result
You’ll get info if your Infinix is genuine or fake. The same is applicable to the battery.

How to Identify a Fake Tecno  Smartphone

Enter your IMEI code and VC code in the relevant field and submit.
You will get a response informing you if the phone is GENUINE or NOT.

The same process is equally applicable to check if your battery is original or not.

How to Identify a fake iTel Smartphone and Battery

Please follow these steps to make sure the ‪#‎itelMobile you buy from a shop is original.

Dial *#06# to check IMEI and find VC number by removing the battery.
Enter the IMEI and VC number of the device into this site:
Hit the submit button.
Kindly let us know if any of your device is fake or original.

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